Cedar House Long John

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Light grey.

One of the world’s finest greys, a colour champion and a sire of champions with world class genetics.

Latest fleece results: 2021 14th FLEECE ONLY 22.9 micron SD 4.3 CV 18.7 CF 94.7

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Long John is a sensational classical grey macho with world class genetics which include Cedar House Brave Heart, Purrumbete Inti, Purrumbete Sweet Freedom, Benleigh Highland Lass, Benleigh Highlander, NWA Ruffo, NWA Soloman, Coolaroo Ruffian and Alveston Think Pink.

We believe Long John to be one of the worlds finest grey herd sires in every sense of the word. He has excellent conformation and possesses a truly advanced fleece style, being extremely dense and exhibiting great uniformity with amazingly fine, high amplitude, high frequency crimp that carries into his extremities and a brightness rarely seen in greys (just take a look at the picture of his 5th fleece with just 6 months growth).

His 9th fleece is almost a mirror image.

He still packs a mighty fleece, well organised with extreme length.

His 9th fleece in 2016 was still cutting a massive 5kg.

Long John has proven to be the sire of champions and his outstanding fleece stats and progeny continue to back up what international judges have consistently said about him.

Some of his progeny can be seen below along with his entire fleece record

2008 fleece stats (1st fleece) Micron 17.9 SD 4.8 CV 26.8 CF 97.8
2009 Fleece Stats (2nd fleece) Micron 17.9 SD 4.3 CV 24.2 CF 98.7
2010 Fleece Stats (3rd fleece) Micron 18.3 SD 4.1 CV 22.8 CF 98.8, 3rd fleece yield 5.02 kg, 3rd fleece staple length 132mm
2011 fleece stats (4th fleece) Micron 20.7 SD 5.0 CV 23.9 CF 96.1
2012 fleece stats (5th fleece) Micron 21.2 SD 5.0 CV 23.8 CF 95.4
2013 fleece stats (6th fleece) Micron 20.29 SD 4.6 CV 22.9 CF 97.1 CEM 8.65 SF 20.08
2014 fleece stats (7th fleece) Micron 20.23 SD 4.7 CV 23.1 CF 97.3 CEM 8.42 SF 20.07
2015 fleece stats (8th fleece) Not tested
2016 fleece stats (9th fleece) Micron 21.3 SD 4.7 CV 22.1 CF 95.3 CEM 9.5 SF 20.9

Testing authority for all of the above SGS

2020 fleece stats (13th fleece) 13th fleece Micron 22.4 SD 4.3 CV 19.1 CF 94.4 CEM 9.0
2021 fleece stats (14th fleece) Micron 22.9 SD 4.3 CV 18.7 CF 94.7 CEM 8.3

Testing authority AAFT


British Alpaca Futurity 2009 1st intermediate grey
British alpaca Futurity 2009 Reserve colour champion
Hope Show 2009 1st intermediate grey
Hope Show 2009 Colour Champion
Not shown in 2010
BAS National 2011 2nd Adult grey male
The South of England Show 2011 2nd adult grey male
The Kenilworth show 2011 2nd adult grey male
The British Alpaca Futurity 2011 2nd adult grey male
The Alpaca 2012 Show ( World Alpaca Conference / SWAG Show) 1st Senior grey male
2013 Not shown
The South of England Show 2014 reserve colour champion
The BAS National Show 2015 1st Senior grey male

At the 2015 BAS National show international Judges Natasha Clark and Catherine Lloyd said:

Long John was placed first because even at 7 years of age he still displayed an incredibly soft handle, great density and lots of style

Long John 2nd fleece

Long Johns 2nd Fleece (6 months growth)


Long Johns 5th Fleece (approx 6 months growth)

Long John’s progeny have all taken on his gentle, friendly, chilled personality along with his elite fibre characteristics and his outstanding true to type conformation.

He has consistently thrown a very high percentage of greys even when put to whites and light fawns.

In Fact from 84 registered progeny to date (Nov 2020) he has produced 37 classical greys.

The remainder have all been quality solid colours with the odd modern grey.

Many of Long Johns Progeny have excelled at major shows including the National, Futurity, Heart of England, South of England and World Alpaca/Swag show.

More importantly he has produced a number of major colour champions including: Inca Grey Flyte, Herts Alpacas Grey Gramar, Herts Alpacas Grey Captain Flint, Herts Alpacas Grey Tapas, Inca Grey Haribo, Katchoo Grey Calypso, Snowshill Grey Monti Cristo, Herts Alpacas Raven, Herts Alpacas Cheerleader and Herts Alpacas Bandit to name just a few.

So if you’re looking for a proven herd sire, that is consistently passing on elite genetics make sure you take a look at Long John.

Picture above one of Long Johns first progeny; Inca Grey Flyte

More Long John progeny pictures below

From left to right Herts Alpacas Grey Gramar, colour champion and winner at the 2013 Futurity and a winner of a number of first place rosettes at major shows -Herts Alpacas Grey Tapas, reserve colour champion and winner of a number of first place rosettes at major shows – Herts Alpacas Grey Captain Flint a colour champion and winner of a number of rosettes at major shows (Now owned by Elite Alpacas) Inca Grey Haribo a colour champion in Europe, Katchoo Calypso multi champion grey female, Inca Grey Galaxy, Inca Grey Glenfiddich (Now in Europe), Inca Grey Flyte multi champion herd sire, Herts Alpacas Grey Cheerleader full details below, Herts Alpacas Raven a Stunning true black male, offering the full package, stunning conformation, Density and amazing fineness with extreme fleece length. A colour champion and winner at the 2013 Futuirity (Now a herd sire with Arkadia Alpacas) Headingham Defiance multi champion, Herts Alpacas Bandit one of our new herd sires a true black male colour champion offering the full package extreme length of fibre which is bright with character from skin to tip right into his extremities, density and fineness and Dreamcoat Rebecca National reserve champion (picture shown 5 months fleece growth – 2 years old) Herts Alpacas Sahara modern grey champion.

As well as the champion alpacas pictured above Long John has sired a number of other outstanding alpacas which have been awarded championships or rosettes they include: Arkadia Rosie Lee, Fullwood Torben, Hartwell Captain Fergus, Herts Alpacas Grey Full Metal Jacket (now a herd sire with Spring Farm Alpacas), Berryfield Dora, Moat Farm Calypso, Fowberry Abraxas (Grey), Snowshill Rufus, Snowshill Monte Cristo (Grey), Herts Alpacas Hunter, Rosecraddoc Brogan (Grey), Inca Grey Guylian, Herts Alpacas Grey Ruby Sky, Ashcroft Madam Arcati (grey) Ashcroft Harbinger and Dreamcoat caramel and Meon Valley Mhysa.

Pictured below: Herts Alpacas Cheerleader Grey Champion at 2 years of age. Fleece shot is of Cheerleader’s 3rd fleece. Awards include 1st Junior grey female and Reserve Champion at the 2017 British Alpaca Society National Show and 2017 Heart Of England Show.

2018 1st grey intermediate female BAS National & Champion and 1st place intermediate grey female at The South of England show