Here at Herts Alpacas we believe the best way of experiencing and learning about alpacas is at first hand.

So come and join us on one of our comprehensive courses and work alongside us with our friendly herd, asking any questions you may have, handling the animals and even doing the ‘dirty’ jobs.

We have 3 courses below that are all hands on and are designed to suit the needs of people wishing to enter the world of alpacas at any level whether you’re looking to keep a few alpacas as a hobby or starting your own alpaca business.


If you choose to purchase your alpacas from us we will reimburse the cost of any of the below courses.

For further details please call Nigel or Katie on 01763 271301.

Introductory Course

£40 per person

This course runs on the first Monday of each month from March – November between Noon and 3pm.

This course is designed to give potential alpaca owners all the information they need to start keeping alpacas

Introduction to Alpacas | Handling | Welfare | Husbandry | Fencing | Feeding | Breeding | Alpacas for fun, as guards or a business in brief?

Walking on a halter plus lots more including plenty of time for questions and answers

Full Day Intensive Course

£75 per person

This course runs quarterly between 10am – 4pm

This course includes all aspects of our introductory course but looks at the following areas in greater depth

Alpaca Fibre | Alpacas as a business | Showing Alpacas | Breeding | Alpaca values

Introduction to Birthing


This course runs monthly from April to September and is approx 3 hours long

This course is a must for anyone looking to breed alpacas or beginners with pregnant females.

Increase your knowledge and confidence at birthing time.

Prenatal care | Postnatal care | The birthing stages | Care of the newborn cria | Troubleshooting | The birthing box | Q & A